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About the event

Supported by Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the British Council in collaboration with Southeast Asian Ministry of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) Secretariat organised the Policy Dialogue on Climate Change and Girls’ Education in ASEAN – Youth Engagement in SDGs on 24 June 2022 between 14:00 and 16:15 hrs. (GMT+7/ Bangkok time). 

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At the end of the event, as the event summary and highlights from the panel discussion, a number of recommendations was made to policy makers, teachers and NGOs who hope to engage young people in addressing climate solutions. The recommendations are:

  • Recognise the potential of young people as agents for change within climate solutions. Support young people to lead with appropriate levels of responsibility, allowing time for lessons to be learnt and projects to have iterative phases of development.  Be aware that girls and boys may engage differently and need different kinds of support to take active roles.
  • Highlight the role of gender inequalities, poverty and age in discussions about differential climate impact, ensuring those affected are given opportunities to have their voice heard in solutions that affect them.
  • Encourage cross sector collaboration and partnerships between education actors, NGOs, donors and policy makers to work together on climate education initiatives that allow young people to make significant contributions to solutions that affect them.
  • Embed climate education in education curricula from primary to university level education.
  • Use social media as a way to connect young people with content on green initiatives they can be part of, or climate education materials.  This recommendation comes with a warning to be alert to misinformation and to critically engage with online content.
  • Invest in intergenerational connection and learning from elders when considering local green economies or solutions at community level to build on local wisdom and continue traditional practises.

This project hopes to continue building on the momentum gained from this project and continue to connect young people, policy makers, donors, NGOs and teachers to continue to dialogue about young people’s roles in SDG’s in the future.

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Concept note and agenda

See the concept note, agenda, and speaker’s bios below.

Event report

Download and read the full event report which summarised the key points of each session below.