Greene’s Tutorial College

เมือง: Oxford

ภูมิภาค: ตอนใต้ของอังกฤษ

Greene’s, in Oxford, is the city’s (and probably the U.K.’s) oldest tutorial college.

On one hand, it is a traditional independent sixth form college, preparing its fulltime students for top universities in the U.K. and across the world.

On the other hand, Greene’s offers a number of other services, (and often in partnerships with major independent schools), such as U.K. university preparation (interview practice, aptitude tests etc.); and U.S. university advice and preparation for the SAT or ACT.

Greene’s also runs a Geoscience Diploma course in partnership with U.K. universities (currently the universities of Birmingham and Portsmouth), enabling qualifying students to enter directly into a range of undergraduate and M.A. studies at the universities.