A fluent English speaker should have an extensive knowledge of the English vocabulary. You can skip grammar but you can’t skip the building blocks of language: words. But let’s be realistic: you can’t memorise the English dictionary in a day! 

We have come up with tips to master the English language that will only take you about thirty minutes or less to do:


Set a realistic target daily and stick to it. Start with one word a day, and gradually increase it to two to five words a day. Ask yourself, what is the maximum amount of time that I can devote to learning the language? Can I stick to my target if I allot twenty minutes every day? What’s important is that you make it a habit to learn English daily. And remember, fifteen minutes a day will bring better results than half an hour once a week or so.


Keep all the things you’ve learned in one place. When we say vocabulary notebook, we don’t simply mean it as a notebook—if you prefer to use an app on your smartphone, feel free to do so. The important thing is that you develop a system of recording new words you’ve learned, since this allows you to go through the words and review them once in a couple of weeks. 

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