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Our work in Higher Education Partnerships and Science Programmes includes:

Global policy and education dialogue

We want to help educators from the UK and around the world identify core themes and issues for debate and dialogue. The goal is to create better policies and practices that influence educational leaders and policymakers. 

Science and Research Programmes

One of our missions aims to support the ultimate goal of Thailand 4.0 economic plan. There is an aspiration to drive the nation to be a value and innovation-led country through research and creativity.

Nurturing highly skilled human resources is a key to attracting further investment as well as building the 21st century skills that are crucial to producing the right workforce. The urgent tasks now are for businesses and educational institutions to work together in producing skilled labour for future workplaces.

We are supporting research as the delivery partner of the Newton Fund, and creating a platform for science communications through FameLab

Internationalising Transnational Education

Transnational education is increasingly being seen as a significant priority institutionally and part of internationalisation strategies, especially for the research-led universities. The number of international students coming to Thailand to attain an international qualification is gradually increasing. Partnerships, training and collaboration between students, teachers and researchers in the UK and overseas improves their careers and help produce high quality teaching, learning and research.

Higher Education Partnerships and Quality Assurance is designed to develop new TNE links particularly in new models such as MOOCs/Future Learn to enable international education to be accessed more widely.  We will also work with other countries in East Asia to develop a Quality Assurance System.

International Education Services

British Council provides a set of professional services to help educational institutions achieve the best results from their international marketing activities.  For detailed information on each service, please visit our country page on the British Council International Education Services website.

"Education is a Spearhead to Break through the Middle-Income Trap"

Bureau of International Cooperation, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand

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