We are a globally trusted brand. Partnering with us enables you to engage new audiences, enhances your brand and grants you access to our extensive networks. Our work in in sharing our expertise in international English learning, and developing cultural and educational programmes spans 70 years and we are keen to work together with new partners to continue this tradition of collaboration in innovative and sustainable projects in Thailand.

Our network  

  • Established in 1934, the British Council has more than 200 offices in 110 countries and territories
  • We have been operating in Thailand since 1938
  • We have over 200 staff in Thailand located in two cites – Bangkok and Chiangmai

Our assets 

  • A globally trusted brand linked to international cultural relations
  • We have knowledge and understanding of working in different cultures and languages around the world
  • Our expertise spans education and language teaching, all art forms & creative industries, youth and community engagement governance and reform.
  • We maintain strong international networks at all, levels, from young learners to government ministers
  • We work closely with UK government departments, national governments and ministries around the world, and multilateral organisations

Our global audience 

In 2018-19 across the world:

  • We reached a total of 791 million people
  • We engaged with 80 million people directly
  • Over 100 million teachers and learners of English used our online resources
  • 82 per cent of our customers reported learning new skills
  • 80 per cent of our customers agree that our programmes are high quality
  • We enabled3.9 million people to take an exam with us
  • We worked with5,000researchers in the UK and 21,000 researchers worldwide
  • We partnered with 8,000 UK-based artists and arts organisations and 39,000 artists and arts organisations around the world