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Communicate with confidence, clarity, and purpose to achieve more

Professional Business Skills provides you with the personalised content linked to your professional learning goals where you will receive individual feedback on presentations, spoken interactions, and a range of written business communication led by our highly expert teachers.

In these courses, you will:

  • improve your spoken and written communication skills through a range of common workplace themes
  • connect with people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds
  • put new skills into action instantly through realistic communicative activities.

Course overview

  • Location:  Face-to-face class at Siam Square centre
  • Period: Every Saturdays or Sundays (10 weeks/30 hours)
  • Level:  Intermediate and Upper-intermediate

Course content

Our courses are designed to improve written and interpersonal communication skills. Participants benefit from our trainer’s extensive subject knowledge and experience. The focus of these courses is on developing the skills that are essential for effective written and spoken workplace communication. The courses have some language development, but this is not the main objective.

Practical results

Our courses are designed to help you get real results. You will be introduced to leading-edge tools, strategies, and techniques that can be immediately applied in your workplace.

Interactive approaches

Our courses use the latest training and facilitation methods to help groups work together effectively. You will be encouraged to interact with your classroom peers throughout the course, making the learning process productive and collaborative. This means that you will be engaged, challenged, and stimulated to learn more and do more. 

How are our courses delivered?

Our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers are dedicated to supporting you throughout your learning journey and helping you to achieve the results you desire through guidance and feedback that is specific to you and your goals. The class size is a maximum of 12 as we believe in keeping our classes small to maximize student-teacher interaction. 

What you will learn:

Intermediate level

Intermediate level consists of one Professional Business Skills module and Workplace lessons. Find out more about what you will learn at the intermediate level.

  • Term 1: Effective Meeting Skills and Workplace lessons
  • Term 2: Grammar Skills for Business Writing and Workplace lessons
  • Term 3: Delivering Service Excellence and Workplace lessons
  • Term 4: Presentation Skills and Workplace lessons

Upper-intermediate level

Upper-intermediate level consists of two Professional Business Skills modules. Find out more about what you will learn at the upper-intermediate level.

  • Term 1: Intercultural Communication Skills + Business Writing Skills
  • Term 2: Negotiation Fundamentals + Communicating with Executive Presence
  • Term 3: Positive Influencing + Email Writing 2
  • Term 4: Working With Emotional Intelligence (EQ) + Report Writing Skills


Both levels include:

  • Mid-course assessment and consultation with the trainer
  • End-of-course assessment and consultation with the trainer
  • End-of-course reports and certificates will be provided upon completion of each course.

Track your English language progress

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