Thai-UK World-class University Consortium Thai University

Opportunity for Thai universities to join the consortium

The British Council Thailand in partnership with the Office of Permanent Secretary (OPS), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, is inviting Thai universities to become part of the Thai-UK World-Class University Consortium.

The Consortium is designed as a partnership facilitation programme to increase commitment and strategic partnership between Thai and UK universities and to support Thai university’s journey towards excellence in teaching, research, and innovation capability. 

About this opportunity 

As part of the Consortium, Thai universities will be supported by a UK consultant and mentor and will be facilitated to find a UK university partner to work together on 8 priority subject areas identified by the Ministry on different partnerships forms. The partnership aims to enrich the quality of teaching and learning, advance research and university system, and support knowledge exchange.

Who can apply?

  • We only accept applications from Thai universities.
  • Thai universities must fall under the administration of the OPS.
  • Each application must have The Principal Applicant from Thai universities.
  • The Principal Applicant must be permanent employees of their respective universities. 

The application is now closed