In response to the Ministry’s strategy on Reinventing University, the Thai-UK World-class University Consortium has been initiated to support Thailand’s ambition to reinvent universities towards becoming globally competitive and develop internationally recognised and connected higher education focusing on shared challenges of quality, inclusion and internationalisation with the UK.  

The Consortium is designed as a partnership facilitation programme to increase commitment and strategic partnership between Thai and UK universities and to support Thai university’s journey towards excellence in teaching, research, and innovation capability. 

The Consortium aims to

  • Build a mechanism to increase commitment and strategic partnership to address shared priorities between Thai and UK universities 
  • Support the advancement of quality teaching, learning, research, and university system through people development with expertise from the UK
  • Identify and facilitate Thai-UK collaborative programmes and knowledge exchange  

Objectives and expected outcomes

We expect that the partnerships between Thai and UK universities will lead to improved quality of teaching, learning and research in participating Thai universities, stronger platform for future support and engagement, and closer relations between Thailand and UK higher education sectors. 

As part of the Consortium, Thai universities will be supported by UK consultant and mentor, and will be facilitated to find a UK university partner to work together on priority subject areas on different partnerships forms. The partnership aims to enrich the quality of teaching and learning, advance research and university system, and support knowledge exchange.

15 members from 7 Thai institutions have been selected to become part of the Thai-UK World-class University Consortium. UK higher education institutions that wish to join and partner with these 15 Thai members Consortium, please see the below section - Opportunity for UK Universities.

Project activity 

Launch of Thai-UK World-class University Consortium

The British Council Thailand and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation has launched the "Thai-UK World-class University Consortium", aiming to push Thai universities to be among the world's top 100 within ten years.

The consortium has increased international collaboration between the countries by matching 15 programmes from seven Thai universities with 14 leading UK universities in various academic fields. These collaborations will support knowledge exchange, enrich the quality of teaching and learning, advance research, and create a more internationally connected higher education. 

This project’s respond to the Ministry’s flagship project under Reinventing University and Research Institute that aims to push Thai universities in the top 100 ranking in 5-10 years. 


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