Regional English Training Centres Project (RETC Project) 

The Regional English Training Centres (RETC) Project, also known as “The Boot Camp” ran from October 2016 to September 2018 and saw British Council Thailand working in close partnership with the Thai Ministry of Education for two years on a project which sought to transform the teaching of English in state primary and secondary schools across Thailand. The RETC “Boot Camp”, started with twelve British Council international teacher trainers based in 4 centres, and quickly expanded to work in 15 centres right across Thailand.

During the lifetime, the project helped to develop the communicative teaching skills, methodological practices and English proficiency of around 17,000 primary and secondary school teachers across the country.

Each teacher took part in a three-week intensive course which used British Council course materials tailored to the Thai context. The trainers provided a fun, dynamic and interactive training environment while giving the teachers attending the courses the skills they needed to deliver effective English lessons back in their own schools.

The project also provided training for 45 Thai master trainers (TMTs), who completed a range of training development tasks including team-training or delivering Boot Camp training sessions. This effectively trained up a cadre of highly trained Thai teachers who are now able to take on a wide variety of roles within the Thai education system including passing on their skills and autonomously training other Thai teachers.

Andrew Glass OBE, Director, British Council Thailand says “As the British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, we are passionate believers in the power of English language learning to transform people’s lives. This project will supported 17,000 teachers across Thailand who we anticipate will help hundreds of thousands of their students in the years to come to communicate more effectively in English.”

For more information, please contact Benjaporn Phomahad:

Head of English for Education Systems, British Council Thailand