Post-Bootcamp Project: The Bootcamp Turbo and the Professional Development Community

After finishing the Bootcamp project, The Ministry of Education has continued to cascade the training in order to experience long-term results. There are many other projects created for the Ministry of Education after the Bootcamp, such as "Bootcamp Turbo" and the new intensive English language training program run by the Thai Master Trainer (TMT) or teachers who have previously received Bootcamp training. This program provides training for English teachers who did not participate in the original camps and focuses on improving the skillset of teachers in small and remote schools and gives them opportunity to access more content to facilitate the learning of English and the development of English language curriculum for maximum efficiency.

The distinctive feature of Bootcamp Turbo is the improved efficiency achieved by reducing classroom training and adding online activities and creation of  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to retain valuable content from the Bootcamp projects which are designed to be used in a variety of contexts.

Throughout 2019, Bootcamp Turbo training in educational areas around the country has already reached more than 10,000 teachers.

The educationalservice area has continued support other English language development activities such as the development of new assessment for learning.  This was achieved through collaborating between the Thai Master Trainer, groups of teachers and supervisors to collect all ideas and find ways to solve problems encountered by teachers in that service area. The TMT is also working with supervisors to design new assessment for Learning tools for students focused on enjoyable activities so they do not feel pressured by exam evaluation. Additionally, the supervisors have received training to use a new observation tool and to build their capacity to mentor, observe and give feedback to teachers in their education service areas.

There are also other interesting online activities, such as using social media to  provide online PLCs which encourages teachers to use teaching strategies from the training to maximize benefits.  This was achieved through the "PLC Boot Camp Thailand" group on Facebook, providing teachers with a space to share knowledge, teaching techniques and video teaching materials.  It is useful for teachers in small and distant schools and helps them create and share new ideas and continue to develop English language teaching materials.