RETC Thailand report

This study investigated the development practices of teachers after completion of the Regional English Training Centre Project (RETC) in order to identify potential directions for future teacher development. 

The RETC, also known as Bootcamp, was run successfully from 2016 to 2018 (see Hayes,2018), with this study being conducted in the 18 months following its completion. The data for this study was collected through several interviews, observations and a large-scaleonline survey. We conducted interviews with 

  1. 68 teachers who hold positions as supervisors, Thai Master Trainers (TMTs), managers for the English Resource and Instruction Centre (ERIC) and the Primary Education English Resource Center (PEER), Bootcamp participants (trained teachers) and non-Bootcamp participants (untrained teachers).
  2. Three executives of the Thai Ministry of Education (MoE) who were involved in planning and implementing projects for continuing professional development (CPD). Second, to see how actual CPD activities work, we also conducted observations of onsite Bootcamp Turbo training, as well as recordings of professional learning communities (PLCs) available online. 
  3. A large-scale survey provided information on the CPD of over 1,300 teachers across Thailand.

This data addresses the following five main objectives:

  • To identify follow-up training and developmental activities and the extent of these activities (reported in Chapter 3)
  • To investigate the details of the CPD activities (reported in Chapter 3)
  • To investigate the overall impact of CPD activities (reported in Chapter 4)
  • To investigate the work and collaboration of teacher support personnel (reported in Chapter 5)
  • To examine governmental executive perspectives on CPD activities (reported in Chapter 6).