About STEM Ambassador Programme

British Council and IPST launched the STEM Ambassador programme as part of the national directive to promote education in science and technology and create inspiration in science for the future generation. 

What is STEM Ambassador?

Modelled after the UK's initiative, STEM Ambassadors are professionals in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from universities, government organisations, or local experts in agriculture and industry who are volunteers to engage with young students, giving advice in continuing studying and working in STEM career, sharing knowledge and creating inspiration.  Under this programme, all STEM ambassadors took part in the training programme under the Newton Fund. 

Who can be STEM Ambassador?

Scientists, researchers, medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurse, engineers, architects, pilots, programmers, astronomers, forensic scientists, explorers, finance and accountants, marketeers, nutritionists, technicians, farmers, teachers, academics, and lecturers. 

Past activities

STEM Ambassador training 

Between 25 February – 1 March 2016, 200 STEM Ambassadors were trained at Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. These STEM ambassadors will provide knowledge and advice, and share their working experience with students, in order to help teachers and students recognize the values of STEM knowledge and skills in daily and professional life.

Visit to schools throughout Thailand

After the training, STEM Ambassadors visited to 13 schools throughout Thailand to inspire students about STEM careers, organising activities and bootcamps for students. 

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