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About Institutional Links

Newton Institutional Links provides grants for the development of research and innovation collaborations between the UK and Thailand. The research facilitated by these grants tackles local development needs and challenges such as extreme weather conditions, access to affordable health care, food and energy security.

The grants are intended to provide small-scale seed funding to:

  • start and develop collaborations between academic groups, departments and institutions in partner countries and the UK
  • support the exchange of expertise and research knowledge
  • establish local hubs for UK-partner country activities.

Institutional Links 2019/20 is now open for application

The British Council in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation is opening calls for Institutional Links to support research projects between Thai and UK institutions.

Duration of grants: 12 Months

Size of grant: £50,000 - £100,000

Thematic priority areas: 10 targeted

S-Curve Industries

  • Next-generation Automotive                 
  • Smart Electronics
  • Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
  • Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Food for the Future
  • Robotics
  • Aviation and Logistics
  • Biofuels and Biochemicals
  • Digital
  • Medical Hub
Eligibility Criteria
  • Leading or Established Researchers can apply to be Principal Applicants (as defined by the EC - download information here ).
  • Each proposal must have one Principal Applicant from the UK, as well as a Principal Applicant from the partner countries listed above.\
  • Please download and view the list of eligible UK research institutions here
  • Please download the list of eligible Thai institutions here

Deadline for application

9 August 2019, 16:00 UK time


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