Newton Supervisor

About Newton - PhD Travel grants Programme

The grant will fund a short visit by PhD supervisors and up to 3 PhD students to visit partner UK universities. The visits funded under the PhD programme are expected to provide opportunities for supervisors to discuss on PhD students mobility under the Thailand Research Fund scholarship schemes and establish a new research link or significantly develop an existing link, with the potential for longer term sustainability. 

Funding Opportunity

Under this programme. British Council Thailand in partnership with the Thailand Research Fund is opening a call for the participants to submit application. Supervisors registered under the following programmes are eligible to apply:.

  • Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Programme
  • Research and Researchers Funds for Industries (RRi)
  • International Research Network (IRN)

The programme will sponsor the visit for at least 1 week and not over 2 weeks. The supervisor can travel alone or have up to three current PhD students to join the visit. The students should have plan to do a research in the UK for a short-term or long-term period or able to explain a clear evidence on how this visit could contribute to the longer term benefits between UK and Thailand.

Announcement of successful candidates

List of shortlisted candidates invited for interview on 31 Aug 2018 at the British Council (Siam Square) can be downloaded below.

For more information, please contact Newton Fund team at tel 02 657 5633ม