Connecting Classrooms: School Leadership Programme

Connecting Classrooms : School Leadership Programme

The British Council’s Connecting Classrooms leadership programme for head teachers and senior educators provides tailor-made training to turn effective managers into inspiring leaders. The programme focuses on developing essential leadership skills while, uniquely, applying these skills to the context of embedding an international dimension in the curriculum and ethos of a school.

In support of this, the Connecting Classrooms leadership programme supports school leaders to develop their expertise through training and international collaboration. An opportunity for international benchmarking not only advances school leaders’ professional development. It also equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to strengthen the curriculum in their own school. This ensures better outcomes for young people. Designed and tested by specialists in school leadership and experienced facilitators, the programme is made up of 22 modules. These modules can be shaped into different, personalised training packages to suit educators’ needs, and can be delivered in three alternative ways. The design of the programme responds to market research, makes use of trusted local and sector knowledge, and recognises that local ministries, education authorities, agencies and schools are best-placed to understand their head teachers’ professional needs.