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The British Council has a strong relationship with education agents in Thailand. We collaborate with agents on many projects throughout the year including Summer School Project, Familiarization Trip to UK, Agent Visa Briefing and 1-1 agent meeting. 

These services are set up to assist agents working with UK institutions (Although we do not accredit agents). We value agents as our marketing partners and have therefore developed various products and services to increase the quality of agent's work.

Please take a look at our website which contains detailed information about our work and the services we offer to education agents around the world. 

E-News for Agents

Each month we send a newsletter to over 6,000 Education Advisors and Agents world-wide.

The newsletter helps education agents understand the UK’s education and visa system and showcase the excellence of UK education.

Education agents can sign up to receive the newsletter directly at our Education UK website.

For more information, contact Education UK Team at or tel 02 657 5678.