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With our commitment to achieving enhanced UK leadership of and shared learning from international education and societies, we have developed projects with kind support from our strategic partner, the Ministry of Education. 

To ensure long lasting impact, we will work with educational policy makers, educational institute leaders, teachers and students for a more inclusive, open and prosperous world through;

  • Policy dialogue and research e.g. International Higher Education regional policy fora
  • Sector advisory and market intelligence services
  • Professional development and training, peer networks, qualification recognition and benchmarking 
  • Joint education programmes
  • Competitions and joint projects, work placements, exchanges, education fairs

Each year, the British Council implements numerous projects across the country such as [project name 1, project name 2, etc] , to name but a few. We offer dynamic partnership opportunities that meet your organisation’s corporate social responsibility objectives. Your organisation can play an important part in our ambitious goals through:

Collaborative partnerships

To ensure an effective and mutually beneficial partnership, the British Council will identify and develop a carefully-planned approach that will link our work with your organisation’s social responsibility goals. 

If your organisation is interested in opportunities for collaborative projects with us, please contact Education team to discuss in further detail.

Partnering with us

We believe that working in partnership with key organisations, companies and individuals from all sectors of society adds huge value to our work in making a difference and in creating sustainable projects in Education and English. 

We welcome opportunities to discuss with you potential support that will help us achieve our goals and shared success. Please contact our Education team for further information.