Spark your child's love of learning!  Explore our dynamic range of holiday courses for young learners this summer in 2024.

Unlock the door to a world of language brilliance this holiday season! Our dynamic English course caters to children aged 6-17, offering an immersive and engaging experience that encompasses speaking, writing, grammar, creative exploration, and IELTS preparation skills. Make this holiday a learning extravaganza! Enroll now for an English journey full of magic and growth! 

Why choose us for your child's learning journey?

  • We tailor courses for each age group to ensure effective and enjoyable learning
  • Our certified teachers are dedicated to nurturing your child's language skills
  • We offer interactive and engaging activities to make your child's every moment a learning adventure
  • Our holiday courses are designed to equip your child with the language proficiency needed for academic and personal success.

Where these courses will be taught?

  • Siam Square centre
  • Chiangmai centre

Check out our holiday course timetables below!

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