Kids and teens students

Our mission

At the British Council, we help our students reach their fullest potential by encouraging passion of learning English. We are committed to providing students with a structured English language learning programme in a stimulating, rewarding and safe environment.

Our approach

All our classes are 100% face-to-face with UK-qualified teachers who have experience in teaching English for kids and teens using a variety of teaching materials  that fit each age group to help them actively learn and concentrate on the lessons in class. We believe that genuine face to face interaction between students and with the teacher are the best ways to achieve this and help you learn English.

Teaching approach for kids (aged 5-12)

At the British Council, many different teaching methods are used to boost students’ confidence in speaking English and build up positive attitudes towards learning English.

  • Stories, games and other child-friendly activities are used to give students opportunities to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing English.
  • We use songs, rhymes and chants to improve students’ pronunciation.
  • Our courses are focused more on fluency than on accuracy as we want our students to build their confidence when speaking English.
  • We incorporate a range of receptive activities in class which give students the opportunity to hear English through listening and see it through reading before they are asked to use it.
  • Ensuring we provide children with a fun and enjoyable learning experience, we also aim to help develop students’ interpersonal skills such as team working and sharing.
  • Parents are informed of their child’s progress through reports and parents’ consultations. We  provide online resources to help parents support their children’s learning at home.

Teaching approach for teens (aged 12-17)

We know that teenagers can learn better when they feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, so our teachers use different teaching styles to keep their students focused and interested.

  • Activities in the classroom are designed to encourage students to share their ideas and help them learn at the same time.
  • Students are given lots of opportunities to learn the language through listening and reading activities which is a natural way to learn and also helps to build students’ confidence.
  • Our teachers use different learning materials such as songs, games, DVDs, computers etc. to make the lesson more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Speaking and writing activities are used to help the students to practice using the language to communicate with fluency as well as accuracy.
  • We also put a focus on pronunciation as we believe that good pronunciation helps students to communicate better and build their confidence. 
  • Students are encouraged to work in pairs and groups to provide more chances for them to communicate in English and also learn to share and learn from each other.
  • Preparing our students for ONET/ GAT and other general exams is done through specially written materials to help students achieve their academic potential.