• School holiday course
  • Siam Square centre
  • 30 hours: 15 hours a week.

Build and elevate your child's English foundation in speaking and writing during the school holidays 

Our speaking and writing holiday course is designed to elevate your child's linguistic prowess! Unleash their creativity through captivating activities, and watch as they master the art of expression using the latest course books and cutting-edge software. Register now to sculpt a foundation of language skills that will set your child on the thrilling path to confident communication and writing excellence!

On this course your child will:

  • study with the world's experts who will help your child contribute to learning success
  • gain confidence in speaking skills led by a range of activities and subjects
  • improve structure in writing skills such as sentence structure and grammar
  • get fun, become creative, and motivated, and be able to use English with more confidence in different situations!

Course highlights:

  • Interactive learning adventures:  watch your child embark on thrilling language adventures that make learning English a joyous experience!
  • Games and activities:  learning becomes play with our exciting games and activities, ensuring a dynamic and immersive educational journey.
  • Speaking mastery:  develop spoken English skills through engaging in conversations and role-playing activities.
  • Writing wonders:  cultivate a love for writing as your child learns to craft their own stories, unlocking their creative potential.

Course Timetable:

  • 25 March - 5 April 2024 (Mon-Fri: 9.00 a.m - 12 p.m.)
  • 17- 30 April (Mon-Fri: 9.00 a.m - 12 p.m.)