IELTS Coach - IELTS 6.5* guaranteed
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  • Face-to-face and optional online lessons

Expert support to help you reach your IELTS goal

IELTS Coach is designed to develop key language skills and key exam strategies that will ensure success in the IELTS exam with a score of not less than 6.5*. An IELTS 6.5 will meet the requirements for the vast majority of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as student visa requirements**. The British Council is a co-owner of the IELTS exam, so we are ideally placed to help you achieve the result you need. You will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers who are specialists in IELTS. 

You will also have access to a set of complimentary in-house materials and services designed specifically for IELTS Coach students. An excellent way to review your lessons and extend your learning, these resources along with our expert support will improve your academic performance on the test and guarantee that you achieve IELTS success. If you do not get a score of 6.5 or higher, you can even retake the course for free!

With our IELTS specialist teachers, you will: 

  • familiarise yourself with the test format and learn how to best approach different sections of the test 
  • practice exam questions using various types of learning materials to enhance your exam skills
  • get access to personalised learning and pre-lesson materials, and other online resources to extend your learning
  • assess your progress through our individual feedback service on all four parts of the test 
  • find out how to optimise your learning strategy.

Control your learning

Prepare for your IELTS test at a pace you desire. Choose the lesson day, time, location and teacher that best suits your needs. Booking and management of your lessons are all easy to control with our online booking system. 

Course levels

  • Intermediate and above

Find out about our English levels for adults and how they support your learning experience and progress.

Take the full course and achieve IELTS success: 

IELTS Coach Listening

Learn a variety of listening techniques and strategies such as predicting information, identifying synonyms and antonyms and dealing with distracting information, in order to correctly answer all IELTS Listening question types and be confident of achieving a high score.

IELTS Coach Reading

You will learn how to apply reading skills such as skimming and scanning, and techniques such as identifying synonyms and antonyms in order to achieve a high score in this part of the exam and to be confident in handling all IELTS Reading question types. 

IELTS Coach Writing

Maximise your score potential in IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2 through a comprehensive set of activities and tasks. You will learn how to identify key features and fully respond to the task prompts in order to meet the higher level expectations for Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource as well as improve your grammar and vocabulary to perform well in the criteria in the marking category of Grammatical Range and Accuracy. What’s more, students will have access to the IELTS Writing Marking Service conducted with our expert IELTS markers, giving you the opportunity to submit Task 1 and Task 2 scripts for feedback.

IELTS Coach Speaking

You will take part in speaking tasks and activities designed to maximise your score across all four assessment criteria: Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation. Additionally, students will have access to Mock Speaking Tests conducted 1-to-1 with one of our expert IELTS teachers, giving you the opportunity to practise the speaking test under real conditions to develop key exam strategies and experience, and receive individual feedback on your performance.

Course fees

  • 48 credits (full course): 59,600 THB***
  • 24 credits: 30,800 THB***

* IELTS score of not less than 6.5 is guaranteed only if you sign up for the full course/48 credits. If you do not achieve the guaranteed score, you will be able to retake the course at no additional cost. Other terms and conditions apply.

** Please check with your intended university for the exact requirements.

*** The promotion is available upon course registration.