Established since 2004 as one of the Office of Knowledge Management and Development (OKMD) agencies within the Prime Minister’s Office, Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC) serves as the country’s premier learning resource centre for design and creativity with the aim to create mature  comprehensive knowledge of design-related matters. 

British Council and TCDC share mutual goals in harnessing new initiatives, supporting local arts and the creative industry to ignite Thai artists’ productive skills in diverse aspects of the Thai-UK creative economy context by bringing inspirational artists and work from the UK to the city. 

During the past 6 years, a number of gripping, high-profile exhibitions have been presented as a result of  a firm partnership between both agencies. Our works have covered a diverse range of art forms, ranging from visual arts and design to photography, which successfully drew on excellent works from art communities throughout the country. These notable exhibitions also reached millions of new audiences and engaged hundreds of thousands of aspiring local artists. 

Our previous exhibitions include;

Love and Money: the Best of British Design now

20 July – 16 September 2007

A showcase of 20 British leading design businesses ranging from animation, architecture, fashion, media, print, product, structural and civil engineering.

The exhibition generated 2,795,000 media reach and attracted over 50,000 attendees.

DIGIPLAY: Thai-UK Digital Festival

25 March – 22 May 2011

A festival that featured the history of video games and animation industry, a public space for young talents together with a series of public seminar staged by internationally-recognised speakers such as Ian Livingstone and Toby Barnes. 

The exhibition generated 3,103,000 media reach and attracted over 51,000 attendees.

Everything Forever Now: an Eco Design Festival

February 2012

Co-curated with TCDC, ‘Everything Forever Now’ featured a broad range of projects selected from the UK and Thailand, all of which are pioneers of sustainable values - energy efficiency, longevity, materials innovation and self-sufficiency, presented in unexpected and innovative ways, making use of new technologies and consumer mindsets to effect deeper change than any recycling scheme can alone. 

The exhibition generated over 2,000,000 media reach and attracted over 14,000 attendees.

iN-Public: an Exhibition of Street Photography

6 February – 24 March 2013

iN-Public is a home of street photography and a gathering of acclaimed street photographers worldwide. Aligned with the exhibition, we also held a three-day workshop and shooting trips for local photographers and students conducted by world-renowned photographers.

The exhibition generated 3,379,500 media reach and attracted over 25,000 attendees.