New! myClass Express

myClass Express is for students who

  • Recognise that English is important now and in the future
  • Want to improve fluency and confidence in daily communication
  • Require an intensive mode of study, making it easier to progress
  • Want lively engaging lessons

On this course you will

  • Study a syllabus focused on language input and grammar
  • Improve your spoken English. With specialized pronunciation workshops, you will convey your message clearly and confidently
  • Evaluate and get advice for improvement at different stages
  • Receieve a specialized syllabus and content that includes a focus on all skills
  • Evaluate your success with British Council EPA (British Council English Progress Assessment) 

Course information


    myClass Express is our summer intensive course aimed specifically at people who would like to complete a level of English in a short amount of time.


    Each lesson is 1.5 hours. To complete one level you must attend 60 lessons

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