The British Council has been administering school exams for more than 75 years. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day, so that you can concentrate on doing your best. 

There are some important forms and materials that you will need to bring on the exam day. And of course, you need to know about your exams dates, venues and times. 

If you have a disability or specific need, please see our information on making special arrangements.

Exam timetable

View the exam timetable and find out important dates – including coursework deadlines and schedules for different subjects. 

Download the IGCSEs exam timetable from the link below.

What to bring on exam day

You can avoid any stress or delays on your exam day by bringing all of the correct forms and equipment.

IGCSE October/November 2016 

The Statement of Entry with examination details will be sent to your registered address by EMS on Monday 26th September 2016. If documents have not been received within Thursday 29th September 2016, please contact immediately. The examination Guide and IGCSE  Timetable  are available to download in the website. Kindly take your time to ensure all information and regulations before entering the examinations. We also would like to highlight following changes in the session October/November 2016. 

1. Identity Documents

Statement of Entry cannot be used as a proof of identity anymore. Thai national ID card or passport must be presented as a proof of identity. Candidates without Thai national ID card or passport are not allowed to enter the examinations. 

2. Examination Venues 

Kindly be aware that there will be 2 examination venues for IGCSE October/November 2016 session as follows: 

  1. Wave Place Building, 8th Floor
  2. The Landmark Bangkok Hotel

Kindly download the IGCSE Timetable Nov 2016 to see more details. Kindly take your time to check your syllabus and component against the test venue since there are some days that the examinations are held in both venues. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the examination has started, you will not be allowed into the examination.