Khun Thanthanalap Lapruey
Business Development Manager 
RMIT English Worldwide

At the English Language Centre at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, we offer several English language courses, such as English for Academic Purposes, Business Course, Teacher Training, Higher Education Success, and IELTS Preparation. We position ourselves in the high-end market place.

RMIT has decided to work as a Partner with the British Council because it is a very well known organisation holding high credibility. Before we became a Partner, students who registered to study IELTS Preparation courses with us asked us about the IELTS registration process and test schedule. So we decided that working with the British Council would fill this gap.

We can then provide information to our customers while also acting as a one-stop service centre. For example, we can facilitate those customers who take courses with us in IELTS test registration; they just go to the IELTS test venue on the test date.

On the other hand, when customers notice our web banner on the British Council webpage, they are often interested in our courses and register with us because we have so many branches around Bangkok so they don’t have to spend time travelling around. It seems clear that all parties win. Moreover, the number of customers who have registered on our courses has increased by more than 50 per cent.

Working with the British Council is easy as the staff always provide very good support. We encourage you as either an English language centre or an education agency to work with the British Council to heighten and enhance services and benefits given to customers