Khun Raweewan Boonyarit
Marketing Manager
Infolearning Co., Ltd

The main reason that we decided to be part of the IELTS Partnership Programme is because of the British Council’s reputation and IELTS examination services that it provides.

Since our company offers counselling services for overseas students including giving IELTS test information, it is a very good opportunity for us to work with the British Council as a Registration Centre.

This allows us not only to be able to give full service to our customers, but also to have more credibility. From our experience of working with the British Council, we are always being supported by British Council staff and we regularly receive updates on necessary IELTS information or regulations.

So far we have gained positive feedback from our customers and the number of visitors have increased since we have become an IELTS Partner. It is a very good opportunity to work with the British Council.

I would encourage any education consultants who are interested to contact the British Council and ask for more details about the IELTS Partnership Programme