Start in May or October 1 class a week for a 42 weeks (start in May) and a 21 weeks (start in October)
Bangkok, Nonthaburi and ChiangMai 12-17 years

Improve your child's English skills for academic success in AEC era. 

This course is for secondary students between the ages of 12-17 with the aim to improve all English skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and become more confident in using English for study and everyday use. The lessons are based on real-life situations, relevant to student’s learning needs and interests. 

On this course your child will

  • learn English with our qualified teachers in a fun and child-friendly environment  
  • participate in classroom activities that encourage problem solving, independence and confidence
  • take part in project tasks to activate the language and develop essential life skills, e.g. team work, cooperation and digital literacy, and create a portfolio of work to motivate their learning 
  • regularly receive feedback on their progress through communication books, reports and parent-teacher meetings.  

Course outcomes 

  • improve speaking fluency and pronunciation by practising language in communicative tasks.
  • discover grammar and vocabulary by noticing language in context and finding out rules for yourself.
  • develop listening strategies to understand English speakers in a variety of real-life situations.
  • learn how to complete a range of reading tasks and activate the reading skills needed for study and everyday use. 
  • improve writing fluency, planning and editing skills to be better able to write general and academic texts in English. 
  • activate useful learning skills, e.g. note taking, skimming and scanning, to prepare for future academic studies.   

Course information


    We aim to provide opportunities for our students to practise using English both in and outside of classroom which will help them to do better at school and perform their best in English exams.


    • One 2-hour lesson per week
    • Semesters start in May and October

    • Secondary Success 1
    • Secondary Success 2
    • Secondary Success 3
    • Secondary Success 4
    • Secondary Success 5
    • Secondary Success 6
    • Secondary Success 7 

    Send a message to our English course consultants to find out more about this course.