Chavisa Lapaviwat

5th year student, Faculty of Architecture, University of Chulalongkorn

I attend special lecture classes about architecture at my university. The architects share their career successes in English. The topics are very interesting but I feel tired after the lecture because I have to concentrate so much. I want to the better in English so I decided to study at the British Council. Everyone I know tells me to study English there, especially my dad, as he used to study there a long time ago.

As myClass offers many different topics I know a lot more vocabulary and I am more fluent when talking to foreigners. I always copy the teacher’s pronunciation and always find the opportunity to practice English outside the classroom. Recently, I volunteered at an Art & Music festival and had to talk to foreigners.

I want to speak English in public fluently and naturally and myClass is helping me do this. myClass is the right answer for me.