myClass Boost is specifically designed to give you choice over what you study, when you study and with whom you study as you will learn more this way. You can choose the English lessons that best suit your interests and schedule; the teaching is still face-to-face. As well as studying in class, you also have access to online activities so you can practice anytime, anywhere.

To speed up your learning, we are pleased to introduce myClass Boost. myClass Boost helps you make the personalised, rapid progress that you need. Before each lesson, you will start learning the language you will need in the lesson on the easy-to-use Boost App. You can complete these fun language tasks according to your lifestyle e.g. while at work or on the train. What’s best is that the Boost app focuses you on personalising language, so your learning is relevant to your own personal needs.


On this course you will:

  • Practice your English-speaking skills through a range of activities that are based on real-life situations
  • Learn useful words and phrases that will enable you to better express yourself in English
  • Improve your pronunciation in class with our qualified teachers to help you speak naturally and understand others with greater ease
  • Get unlimited and personalised consultation with our teachers
  • Make faster and more effective learning progress in class through completing relevant and enjoyable tasks on the Boost App
  • Come to class more prepared and confident after completing the pre-lesson activities on the Boost App


Course information


    myClass aims to help students improve their English communication skills, with a focus on English speaking and listening skills for work, academic preparation, culture, and general study, through using real-life topics and practical language tasks.


    Each lesson is 1.5 hours. To complete one level you must attend 60 lessons


    • Pre-intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Upper-Intermediate
    • Advanced
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