Lower Secondary

Lower Secondary (Mathayom 1-3)

Course objectives & methodology

  • To further students' proficiency, fluency and confidence in the primary skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking, with a strong focus on pronunciation)
  • To increase accuracy in grammar and broaden vocabulary in contexts that are relevant to young teenagers
  • To help students build up their own particular strategies and techniques in language learning, making them independent, self-sufficient learners
  • To develop teamworking, critical thinking and analytical skills
  • To develop study skills and strategies to prepare for and succeed in examinations
  • A combination of general and academic subjects in preparation for senior secondary and tertiary studies
  • Assigned homework tasks serve to encourage greater exposure to English outside of class and develop greater learner autonomy
  • A focus on global English provides opportunities for students to understand different cultures and lifestyles

Options for partnership

Fully integrated daytime programme with the British Council as the sole provider of English language input

Class hours: Approximately 200 class hours per academic year per class

Course focus: The skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on clear pronunciation) and the foundation (grammar and vocabulary) with an emphasis in fostering motivation and a lifelong interest in using English

Supplementary daytime programme with the British Council providing English language input for the learners in cooperation with the school's own language teachers

Class hours: Approximately 100 class hours per academic year per class

Course focus: Communicative abilities (tailored to the skills needs of students)

Intensive holiday courses with British Council teachers during school breaks (e.g. around Songkran)

Class hours: Approximately 30 class hours per course per class 

Course focus: All skills with an emphasis on developing communicative abilities and confidence

Weekend & after-school classes

Class hours: Approximately 80 class hours per academic year per class 

Course focus: Additional support for the school's English curriculum