From choosing lessons to setting a pace that suits you, we’ll keep you on track to get the results that you want.   

Personalise your learning

Not sure where to start? We’ll create a personal learning profile for you, so we can advise on the best learning content for your needs. From lesson recommendations to online exercises, every activity will count. 

We can help you with a personal study plan, so you’ll always know what to study next.  You'll receive a study planner to help manage your studies when you register.

With you for the journey

Start with an induction session from our expert team to guide you through MyClass.  After your first lesson, you'll receive personal feedback on your learning needs so you can choose the right lessons to help you get ahead.

We offer one-to-one advisory sessions at key milestone points. With feedback on your progress and help to refine your study plan, our teachers will support you to reach your goals.  

Stay on track with us 

We know how important progress is to achieve your goals. Our teachers will provide expert guidance in class and every tenth lesson you will be assessed by a teacher.  

Keep track of your progress and view personalised feedback from your teacher on the MyClass website or app.