University of Plymouth

City/Town: Plymouth

Region: South West England

Level of study:

  • Pathways to higher education 
  • Undergraduate 
  • Postgraduate taught course 
  • Postgraduate research (e.g. MPhil, PhD)
  • English course 

The University of Plymouth is a modern, dynamic university with an educational history dating as far back as 1862. With approximately 20,000 students, the University of Plymouth is one of the UK’s larger and more prominent institutions and is consistently rated amongst the top modern universities in the country; currently in the Top 10 Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2019.

Plymouth is a city located by the sea in the beautiful South West of England – ideal for both learning and leisure. Plymouth is 3 hours by train from London, and the University is set in the heart of the city centre with shops, facilities and attractions all within short walking distance, making day-to-day life more convenient and keeping living costs low.  

The University has recently invested heavily in new and remodelled buildings and facilities, including a modern library (open 24/7), a Marine Building (on campus), a Marine Station (oceanfront), and extra computing facilities and teaching spaces.  Additionally, the campus has its own gym, sports halls, cinema, theatre, dance studios, art gallery, and cafés galore.  

University of Plymouth International College (UPIC) offers on-campus foundations and pre-master pathways to international students needing additional support or qualifications prior to their degree programme.  UPIC students access the same facilities, often the same teachers, and even with the same visa, making transition to the University of Plymouth very comfortable.  

Scholarships are available for international students, for many of the undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes available, and eligibility is primarily based on academic merit.


  • Undergraduate: £2,000 up to £4,000
  • Postgraduate taught: £2,000 up to 50% of tuition fee

Full details of eligible programmes on University website