Imperial College London

Subject: MSc in Molecular Medicine and a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research

The Winner of UK Alumni Awards for Entrepreneurial Award

Teerapong has been recognized as an outstanding researcher in a specific academic-industrial area, as evidenced by a number of internationally recognized awards from various international invention shows, publications in high-impact journals, as well as a number of patents and petty patents. Teerapong and his research team have initiated and developed a variety of innovative products as a result of their disruptive technology, particularly in the area of targeted drug and vaccine delivery with a focus on developing innovative therapies to tackle a wide variety of diseases in both humans and animals. Some of intellectual property platforms have already been translated into innovative products, leading to a breakthrough in veterinary applications. One of the best-mentioned examples of his inventions is nanotechnology-based platform for immersion vaccination in farmed fish. The greatest achievement that this innovation does is eliminating fish vaccination by needle, which will greatly reduce fish losses and increases animal welfare.

Imperial College London not only helped him to mature as a scientist, but the Imperial ecosystem (being surrounded and trained by engineers, clinicians and business experts in a dynamic environment across multi-disciplinary collaborations) also made Teerapong realise his calling to become an entrepreneurial scientist

Teerapong also wishes to play a role in creating tomorrow’s manpower in Thailand, with a focus on entrepreneurial scientists in the same way UK study and the Imperial ecosystem has helped him.