CEFR Standards for English, Training in the workshop

As Thailand’s education system is moving towards using the CEFR framework to evaluate English language proficiency in schools, the British Council has developed a practical training workshop to introduce the CEFR framework to teachers and other education professionals.

The workshop aims to help participants analyse the CEFR levels and break down level descriptors to make them easier to understand.  Participants practise identifying the levels of various language learners and consider how the framework can be applied in their own educational contexts. Participants design classroom activities and lesson plans for various CEFR levels that are suitable for their students’ needs and focus on how teachers can support their students and help them move towards the next CEFR level.  

The British Council has held CEFR training workshops for various local education authorities and schools around Thailand and has often combined the workshop with communicative language teaching techniques, making the CEFR framework an integrated part of the teaching process.  

Find out more about Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) here. 


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