English for Teaching (EfT), British Council Thailand
English for Teaching (EfT)

English for Teaching (EfT) is a series of 3 in-service courses for English language teachers. The courses are suitable for teachers with different degrees of teaching experience, from those who need to improve their English and their teaching skills, to teachers who have substantial experience of teaching other subjects, but have switched to teaching English. 

The course combines language learning with development of teaching skills.

The goals are to: 

  1. Develop teachers’ English language skills to enable them to progress as follows:
  • English for Teaching 1 from A2 to B1
  • English for Teaching 2 from B1 to B2
  • English for Teaching 1 from B2 to C1

2. Develop communicative, reflective and learner-centred teaching skills.

What are the benefits?

Through these courses you will:

  • improve teaching skills
  • practise the language skills and English language
  • learn to make effective use of teaching aids
  • develop learner-centred teaching skills
  • learn a reflective approach in a teacher development
  • understand the learning process

Course materials:

  • course book reflecting current ELT models
  • CD containing recordings from each module
  • a DVD containing four short clips of classroom activities
  • teacher development journal – usable for assessment
  • glossary of ELT terminology

How is it delivered?

  • intensive full-time during holiday periods, such as a 40-hour summer intensive followed by a 20 x 4hr term-time course (2+20 weeks)
  • a 30 x 4hr term-time course (30 weeks)
  • in three separate blocks of modules, either intensively, weekly, or monthly
  • blended – combining selected face-to-face modules with selected online modules.

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