Whilst studying in the UK, there will be an endless number of ways for you to enjoy yourself, learn new things and make friends. 

The UK offers an amazing, unforgettable student experience like no other country.

Make the most out of your time whilst studying in the UK

Explore the UK

It is a country with rich history and culture, stunning countryside, paired with world-leading modern art, design, culture, fashion and sport. 

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Make the most of UK culture

The UK has a vibrant performing arts heritage, with theatres featuring traditional plays as well as new, contemporary productions – from Shakespeare and opera to world-famous musicals and modern dance. 

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Holiday and festival calendar.

Dive into the UK’s rich history and contemporary culture by enjoying the world-famous events, local celebrations and public holidays that take place throughout the year.

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UK weather and what to wear

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. But with the right clothes and the right attitude, you can enjoy the UK, whatever the weather.

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Food in th UK - our top tips

What languages are spoken?

English is spoken across the UK, but it is not the only native official language. In London alone it is estimated that you can hear over 300 languages!

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All religions welcome

The UK is a multi-faith society where other religions are widely welcomed.

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