Your career in politics starts here

There has never been a more fascinating time to study politics, or a better time to do it in the UK.

For any student looking to develop an understanding of political dynamics that is universally recognised, our universities offer world-class teaching that will empower your career from the very start.

The University of Oxford  , theUniversity of Cambridge   and the London School of Economics and Political Science   are all ranked in the top ten worldwide. Between them, Oxford and Cambridge have helped no less than 41 British Prime Ministers start their political careers. In fact, one in four countries has a leader educated in the UK. 

Many of the most influential people in the world make decisions using the insights they gained from a degree in the UK. So where better to launch your career?

What will you be learning?


The best foundation for a future in politics is an understanding of the past. UK politics degrees all provide some historical teaching, explaining how democracy has evolved around the world and the key ideas and moments that have had the greatest impact.

Political theory

You'll have the chance to explore political theory, building your knowledge of different arguments and explanations around the most important issues faced by governments everywhere. This side of your course will help you hone the analytical skills that are so highly sought-after by employers.

International relations

The dynamics between nations have changed constantly over the centuries, as alliances and rivalries have grown and faded away. A Politics course in the UK will provide you with a deep insight into the historic and modern-day power dynamics at play and the international institutions, rules and systems that help regulate our globalised world.


Throughout your politics degree you will acquire a detailed understanding of the workings of government – both in terms of what they do and why. With expert insights from teachers who may themselves have held posts in government, you will build a solid foundation for working in government yourself anywhere in the world.

Public administration and social policy

Many courses in the UK will also help you understand how political theory works in practice, providing you with the grounding you’ll need to address the universal challenges and opportunities of 21st century life. Whether you see yourself creating change at a local, national or global level, you’ll find the right course in the UK to get you started on that career path.

Political science graduates tend to leave university in a very strong position and career paths can lead in all kinds of directions, from local government and civil service to commerce, consultancy and journalism. 

Politics in the UK

The UK is the birthplace of modern democracy, with the first elected parliament dating back to 1265. Today, the UK’s parliament building – the Palace of Westminster – stands on the site of William the Conqueror's first palace, which he took over in 1066.

Throughout history we’ve always had a leading voice in the best ways to govern fairly, and the testing of ideas through rigorous, equal debate is central to our way of finding new solutions that benefit everyone. From key figures like John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, who helped craft the Enlightenment concepts that flourished into modern political thinking, to the activism and political vision of change-makers like Emmeline Pankhurst that has driven generations, we are passionate about politics. 

Studying politics in the UK will not only give you access to world-class teaching, it will place you close to all kinds of exciting developments that are making an impact on a global scale. Find everything you need to begin the career in politics that you’re dreaming of in the UK.