GREAT Scholarships

GREAT Scholarships

For the 2023-24 academic year, there are postgraduate scholarships available at the following institutions.  


Scholarship application deadline

Further information

Anglia Ruskin University

2 June 2023

Cardiff University

31 May 2023 (23.59 UK time)

University of East Anglia

31 May 2023

University of Hull

31 May 2023

Imperial College London

13 March 2023 (23.59 UK time)

University of Kent

28 April 2023 (23.59 BST)

University of Manchester

1 June 2023

University of Sussex

15 May 2023 (23.59 UK time)

Swansea University

9 June 2023

University College London

23 May 2023 (17.00 BST)

University of York

15 May 2023 (24.00 BST)

The scholarships available for some specific subject areas:


Scholarship application deadline

Courses on offer

Further information

University of Birmingham 

3 April 2023 (16.00 UK time) 

Any of the LLM programmes at the University of Birmingham Law School

University of Glasgow

30 April 2023

Eligible LLM programmes

The University of St Andrews

17 April 2023

  • MSc Marine Ecosystem Management

  • MSc Geochemistry

  • MSc Strategic Earth Resources

  • MSc Sustainable Development

  • MSc Energy Ethics

University of Strathclyde

1 June 2023

  • MSc Environmental Engineering

  • MSc Sustainability and Environmental Studies

  • MSc Sustainable Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment

  • MSc Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy

  • MSc Sustainable Engineering: Marine Technology

  • MSc Sustainable Engineering: Chemical Processing

University College London

23 May 2023 (17.00 BST) 

All LLM Law programmes, including LLM Specialist Law Degrees such as: Competition Law

Available to a student from Ghana, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan or Thailand (one scholarship which may be awarded to a student from any of these countries)

Each scholarship is jointly funded by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council with participating UK higher education institutions and is worth a minimum of £10,000 towards tuition fees for a one-year taught postgraduate course. Please visit the university page for more information and how to apply. 

What are we looking for in a GREAT scholar?

GREAT scholars must:

  • be a citizen of Thailand.
  • have an undergraduate degree, be motivated, and have an interest in the proposed subject area
  • meet the English language requirement of the UK HEI
  • establish an engagement with the UK as a scholar, through personal and academic fulfilment
  • be willing to attend a networking event of all UK based GREAT scholars, to discuss experiences and capture perceptions of studying in the UK
  • be willing to maintain contact with the British Council and their HEI and act as an ambassador for the GREAT Scholarships
  • as an alumnus of the GREAT Scholarships, be willing occasionally to speak to potential candidates about their own experience of studying in the UK

How to apply

  1. Visit the university page above to find out more information and then follow the link through to the university's website.
  2. Apply for individual scholarships following the instructions given on each universities’ scholarship webpages.
  3. The deadline to apply for a GREAT Scholarship varies according to each institution. For details on individual institutions’ deadlines, please see the institution page.
  4. Successful scholars will be informed by individual universities on the result of their applications.
  5. Scholarship funding will be issued to successful scholars by individual universities after registration.