GREAT Scholarships

In order to support more Thai students to study in the UK, the British Council, together with 9 UK universities, has launched the GREAT Scholarships 2020 – Thailand campaign. With 9 postgraduate scholarships on offer, the total value of Thailand’s scholarship scheme is almost£100,000. The single value of each scholarship is a minimum of  £10,000. This scholarship scheme will offer an exciting opportunity for Thai students wishing to get financial support to pursue postgraduate level study in the UK. Students can apply for courses in a range of subjects including law, business, art and design, biosciences, IT and more, at the 9 participating institutions across the UK. 

University Number of scholarships Value per scholarship Applicable for the following subjects or courses 
 University of Derby  1 £11,000  All
 Bangor University £10,000  All 
 Anglia Ruskin University £10,000  All 
 Oxford Brookes University £10,000  All 
 University of Warwick £15,000   Any full-time master's programme
 University of Sussex £10,000   All
 Durham University £10,000   TBC
 University of Kent £10,000   All
University of South Wales 1 £10,000 All

Step 1: Check your eligibility

  • Are you a Thai passport holder?
  • Do you plan to pursue a master’s degree in the UK?
  • Does the course you have applied for, or are applying for, start in the autumn of 2020?

Step 2: Browse the universities/scholarships listed and visit the university’s website for more information

Step 3: Apply for individual scholarships following the instructions given on the scholarship web pages of the individual universities 

Step 4: Successful applicants will be informed by the individual universities directly 

Step 5: Funding for the scholarships will be issued to successful applicants by the individual universities after registration

* This page will soon be updated with further information