British Council E-idea project
Photo courtesy of Patrick Yeom

With urban centres expanding rapidly throughout the world, the challenge of making them sustainable becomes even more pressing. E-idea competition, an initiative of the British Council, is open to all young people aged 18-35. Designed to help them put their eco-visionary ideas into action or to scale up existing projects, we offer support for eco-entrepreneurs  and climate leaders  who have ideas to make a real contribution to Thailand’s environmental future. 

About the Photo (Courtesy of Patrick Yeom)

The photo shows E-idealist Patrick Yeom and E-idealist Stephen Mushin with explorer Robert Swan who led the International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) which introduced that continent’s fragile ecology and inspired participants to become ambassadors for education, the environment and sustainability.  Patrick and Stephen were selected to participate on the strength of their projects and leadership skills and funded by E-idea partner LRQA.