Thai Eye Exhibition and Creative Education Programme 2016

 “Thai Eye” Educational programme organised by British Council and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) supported by Prudential is part of the Creative Education Programme of the “Thai Eye” exhibition organised by Ministry of Culture, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Saatchi Gallery, Prudential and Parallel Contemporary Art with supported of governmental and private organisations.

“Thai Eye” Educational programme consists of

1. Resource Pack - Teaching materials for teachers in primary and secondary schools. The document is bilingual (English and Thai) and can be downloaded from British Council School Online the British Council’s international learning programme for students and teachers.

Target group - Teachers who use English or art as a teaching medium or parents who want to do activities in the exhibition

2. Discovery Worksheets – These sheets of activities for this exhibition are suitable for all ages and are bilingual (English and Thai).  There are three sets of the documents. Each refers to the artwork shown in the exhibition. The documents are available at the entrance of the “Thailand Eye” exhibition from today until August 7, 2559 at the Main Gallery, 8th Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. The Discovery Worksheets are also available via British Council School Online, the British Council’s international learning programme for students and teachers.

Target group – Everyone. Anyone who is interested can use and enjoy the Discovery Sheet, its questions, visual literacy and exchange ideas with friends as well as individually by him-/herself.

3. Artist Forums – These are seminars with invited artists who exhibit in the “Thailand Eye” exhibition and other experts to discuss various topics. There are two Artist Forums in total:

Artist Forum # 1 on Sunday, April 3, 2016 titled “Thai Artists on World Stage: A Case Study on Saatchi Gallery” attracted art practioners and general museum goers. Artist Forum # 2 Saturday, June 11, 2016 titled "Gender identifies Art or Art identifies Gender"; this particular topic drew attention of art practioners, people who interested in gender issues and beyond.  Artist Forum # 3 on Sunday, August 7, 2016, titled “Creative Space + Art Education”;  this specific topic arises from the response during the Teacher’s Creativity Workshops and the need to discuss future direction of such attempts in Thai context.

Target group – The Art Forum’s variety of topics are suitable for secondary and tertiary students and the general public.

4. Teacher’s Creativity Workshops – These workshops introduce activities for primary or secondary schools teachers to encourage the use of the Resource Pack and Discovery Worksheets, educational tools design by British Council. Six workshops; 4 sessions in English and 2 sessions in Thai, are led by experts who have experience in Active Learning. They will demonstrate how Visual Literacy techniques and Creative Thinking during a guide-tour can be applied appropriately.

Target group - Teachers from different schools who use English and arts as a teaching medium as well as those who want to further their creative teaching technique in the classroom.

 5. Master Class - A class given by an expert to students. The activities in the three master classes; two in English and one in Thai, include hands-on experience, a visit to the “Thai Eye” exhibition along with the use of the Discovery Worksheets in the gallery.

Target group - Teachers and students; teachers are selected from the teachers who participated in the Teacher’s Creativity Workshop. Students from the chosen teachers will be invited to visit the exhibition to participate in a session led by the Expert from the Teacher’s Creativity Workshop using the Discovery Worksheets and activities.