The concept of “creative hub” and what it involves is new to many societies, though it is quite a common concept and widely recognised in the UK. With British Council’s longstanding work in Creative Economy and Thailand’s new strand of work in Creative Cities, it is crucial that the creatives and the general public are aware of the meaning, the values, and the impact of creative hubs, which are catalysts for innovation, social changes, and creativity.

The documentary film about 8 creative hubs in the UK was produced in partnership with The Standard, a news agency in Thailand dedicated to driving social changes through journalism, in order to explore the landscape of creative hubs in the UK, and the impact creative hubs bring to their communities and societies. The 8 featured hubs range from an artistic space to a skate park to a makerspace, addressing diverse themes such as sustainability, arts, social impact, as well as technology and innovation. They demonstrate the purpose of creative hubs, the power of people, and the changes led by creativity.

UK Creative Hubs Film

Liverpool Creative City Film 

The Standard Magazine – Creative Hubs Edition