Prodigal theatre - 2PK

The Urban Playground Team: Performance-Parkour (2PK) Workshop in Bangkok.

Parkour (PK) is authentic French ‘free-running’. It is the urban discipline of overcoming obstacles with safe, efficient, and fluid movement including running, climbing, vaulting, swinging, and jumping across the streets and buildings.

Founded in 2004, the UK-based Urban Playground Team are the original performance-parkour (2PK) company; creating touring and site specific shows combining  parkour  with  contemporary  and  urban  dance. Their work  has  been presented on five continents and they teach wherever they go. As leaders of the international 2PK Network they bring together practitioners from around the world and support the development of new 2PK communities globally.

Performance-Parkour moves beyond simple demonstration to create a dialogue between practitioners, audiences and the places in which they live. Dynamic choreographies explore the relationship between the human body and the built environment redefining an audience’s vision of home.

British Council (Thailand) has partnered with The Urban Playground Team and Asia Parkour to  bring  a  much-coveted  Performance-Parkour  workshop  to  Bangkok  on  this coming 3rd-4th July, led by award winning performer and UPG Team co-founder Alister O’Loughlin. During the workshop enthusiasts will learn the basic movement and philosophy of Performance Parkour:

* The underlying ethos of authentic parkour

* The basic vocabulary of movement of ‘standard’ parkour

* How to thread lines of movement which are safe, efficient and most of all fluid

* The performance language of parkour (2PK)

* Adapting principles from parkour (PK) to performance-parkour (2PK)

* Working as individuals and groups to explore creativity

* Building small 2PK choreographies


Venue: Asia Parkour, Amarin Plaza (BTS - Chidlom) 

Date and time:  

3rd July 6 – 9 p.m.    (20 persons)

4th July 1 – 4 p.m.    (20 persons)

For reservation, please call Malasri – tel. 092-251 2705 or email Malasri.charokram@britishcouncil.or.th.

The workshops are free of charge.