Regional English Training Centres

Our objective

To transform English teaching in Thailand

Our approach

We have a strong track record in helping governments to improve the teaching and learning of English in their education systems and institutions. From policy, curricula and teaching, through to testing, assessment and quality assurance, our experience shows that we can provide sustainable solutions at all levels.

We provide full, end-to-end solutions and full support for teachers to maximise their ability to improve learning, teaching, student acquisition and pass rates. From face-to-face teaching, blended learning, remote video links to support tools, our extensive offering means that we can find the right course, test or testing support to tailor our solutions to each of our audience’s individual needs and help them realise their teaching potential.

What we have done

British Council in Thailand, together with the Ministry of Education, established Regional English Training Centres (RETC) in four locations across the country in October 2016, aiming to develop communicative teaching skills and methodological practices of the teachers and improve their English proficiency. Since its first launch in October 2016, the RETC has now expanded from four centres to 12 centres across Thailand in July 2017. 

Our impact

More than 3,000 English teachers are currently being trained and 4,500 more teachers are expected to be all trained by the end of 2017 with the basics of communicative language teaching which involves assessed micro-teaching sessions where teachers try out their new skills, as well as input sessions and reflective practice. It has changed the way teachers teach English, from teacher-led to student-led, allowing students to lead the class instead of the teacher doing all the talking. This will enable Thailand to focus on quality in English teaching, implement the UK best practices and build a competitive workforce that will support ASEAN and global community.


"The expansion of British Council’s Regional English Training Centres is important for us to solve the underperformance of English language in Thailand, for both teachers and learners. English is an international language and following ASEAN integration, it will help create opportunities for people in accessing a wider range of knowledge in the digital age."

General Dapong Ratanasuwan, Former Minister, Ministry of Education

"I have changed a lot after the training. It amazed me that I have reached my teaching potential that I never realised. My Students enjoyed learning English through games and activities and looked forward to the next English class. Today I am very proud to be a teacher, to teach and nurture the students learning capability. I’m really happy and proud to be a teacher."

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Amornrat Tongtung, Primary teacher from Samut Songkhram