The King's School, Canterbury

City/Town: Canterbury

With an educational history going back to 597 CE, The King's School Canterbury is the oldest school in the UK and possibly in Europe. It currently educates pupils from 3-18 in two separate and linked schools: The King's School, Canterbury and The Junior King's School, Canterbury.

The International College will be the latest member of this historic King's family. It will open in September 2018 in a state-of-the-art building designed by top London architects. Students will be part of that history but receive an education that is an innovative blend of the traditional and very modern, specifically constructed for international students and genuinely equipping them for a global future.

The College will focus upon educating students, aged 11-16, for whom English isn’t their first language, preparing them for entry to a suitable senior school for their further studies. All students will receive a King’s Graduation Certificate which recognises their academic progress, their personal development and their all-round contribution to College life beyond the purely academic curriculum. If appropriate they will be prepared for a selection of International GCSE examinations. They will be supported at all times by the highest quality of pastoral care. 

King’s specialises in all aspects of education providing a very wide range of opportunities. The College will be a global community, thereby welcoming international students of any national, ethnic and religious background.