The Baan Tung Community specialises in bamboo weaving. Our patterns are traditional, such as Mongyong and Yeera, which are in danger of extinction. As there are only a few people who know how to weave these patterns, we came up with the idea for our community to learn from their wisdom and continue to create a greater variety of products by using natural raw materials. Our dye colours are from local plants and herbs, such as curcumin.    

“In the beginning, we tried to practice and weave the Yeera pattern but failed. So, we asked some experts to teach us. As for the Mongyong pattern, we asked those who are able to weave this pattern to teach all of us. Under our instructor’s guidance, we also designed new patterns based on the two traditional patterns and issued a collection of products. The instructor also taught us how to calculate the cost of production and processes, as well as other practices for fuelling new design ideas and practical marketing guidance.” 

For product enquiries, please contact WANITA Social Enterprise. 
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