INTO University Partnerships

City/Town: In the UK

Students age range: 16-25

Level of study:

  • Pre-university academics
  • Pathways to higher education 
  • English course 

Every year, we help thousands of international students from around the world achieve their dream of studying in the UK. We work with universities to create specialist programs designed specifically for international students from Academic English, Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree.

We offer exceptional support services before, during and after your studies with us, so you can concentrate on your success story while we take care of the practicalities. You’re guaranteed a great overseas study experience with INTO.

You will be inspired by studying in another country. A quality education abroad enables you to gain the skills, qualifications and global experience that will help you elevate your career. We want you to have the best start on your journey. That's why we've carefully selected and partnered with universities that will ensure you have the best experience.

We understand that studying abroad brings new challenges and decisions along the way. We're here to provide expert support, so you can concentrate on your studies. We also have financial support in term of scholarship up to 50% for qualified candidates.


Scholarships up to 50% for a qualified candidate. Please visit