Our online classrooms provide a dynamic learning environment where highly qualified teachers encourage each student to participate. Your teacher will provide expert direction and feedback.

Our smaller class sizes ensure each student can participate in speaking English online – from beginners to advanced users.

Improve your English speaking skills in small groups 

During each class, you'll enter online breakout spaces in small groups to complete a communicative task that simulates a real-life experience. The group work gives you lots of speaking practice with other students, and the teacher will join your group to observe and help guide you through the task.

Get individual feedback from the teacher

As well as the group work, you’ll get lots of individual feedback and attention from our highly-trained teachers, to help you develop your skills and use the English language better. You will also get a regular formal assessment from your teacher every 10 lessons.


Technical Requirements

To ensure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience, you can only access our online classrooms using a desktop or laptop computer. It is not possible to join using a mobile phone or tablet.

You’ll need access to:

  • a good internet connection
  • a built-in or external webcam, microphone and speaker
  • ideally a headset or headphones with built-in microphone.

We recommend joining your online classroom from a quiet environment.

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