Gateways School

City/Town: Harewood, Leeds

Students age range: 2-18

Level of study:

  • Day School with boarding facilities for GCSE and A Level studies

Gateways School in Harewood, Leeds, West Yorkshire is a Day School for girls and boys between 2 and 18 years old.  

Our overseas students are happily staying with excellent British host families or at a boarding house nearby.

Gateways prides itself on the education of the whole person, and is proud to be regularly placed in the top ten schools nationally for value added. Last year, Gateways High School ranked first place nationally for valued added in GCSE Maths and Science and 7th place across all GCSE subjects.

The reason for this is simple. Small class sizes and a focus on the individual lead to exceptional value added. This is further demonstrated by the fact that pupils from Gateways, a non-selective school, often achieve results which outperform surrounding schools that are academically selective.