University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments

ASNCAA: Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic Admissions Assessment
AMESAA: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Admissions Assessment
ECAA: Economics Admissions Assessment 
ENGAA: Engineering Admissions Assessment 
ELAT: English Literature Admissions Test 
GAA: Geography Admissions Assessment
HAA: History Admissions Assessment
HSPSAA: Human, Social, and Political Sciences Admissions Assessment
NSAA: Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment 
PBSAA: Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Admissions Assessment
TSA S1: Thinking Skills Assessment: Section 1  

University of Oxford admissions tests

CAT: Classics Admissions Test                                                                                              
ELAT: English Literature Admissions Test                                                                                         
HAT: History Aptitude Test                                                                                        
MLAT: Modern Languages Admissions Test                                                                                     
OLAT: Oriental Languages Aptitude Test                                                                                           
PAT: Physics Aptitude Test                                                                                        
PHIL: Philosophy Test                                                                                                
TSA: Thinking Skills Assessment                                                                                           
TSA S1: Thinking Skills Assessment: Section 1                                                                                            

MAT for the University of Oxford, Imperial College London and the University of Warwick

TMUA: Test of Mathematics for University Admission


Date and Fee 

Date Description Fee
19 August 2020 – 27 September 2020

Standard entries

THB 6,950

04 November 2020

Test date



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