5th January 2021 update: Following the announcement of The Thai Government on 4th January 2021 regarding the lockdown in some cities, the British Council is now resuming both the Paper-based IELTS and Computer-delivered IELTS tests.

Registration for new IELTS test-takers is currently open for test dates from 5th January 2021 onwards.

Test takers - please be ready to follow our special health and safety measures on test days, as listed in the section below.

Health and safety measures on the test days

Pre-test checks:

  • you should arrive for your test no later than your scheduled time so that we can complete our pre-test checks and start the test on time 
  • we will be conducting temperature screening at the entrance to the test venue
  • you must complete a self-declaration form to confirm that: 
  1. you are not under a quarantine, self-quarantine, stay-at-home or similar order as specified by the Singapore authorities
  2. you don’t have a fever, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms.

If you are under-18 we recommend that you are accompanied by an adult until the pre-test checks have been completed. If you are excluded from your test you will then be able to leave the test venue immediately.

Test day measures:

  • the test venue and any equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned before the test
  • you should use the hand sanitiser provided and wash your hands regularly
  • you must keep a one metre distance from other test takers and staff at all times
  • you must bring and use a face mask during the test. You may need to remove this for identification or other purposes. Staff and examiners will also wear a face mask 
  • you will be asked to take any stationery you use away with you (excluding any notes or workings sheets)
  • you can take the following inside the test room with you:
  1. a face mask
  2. water in a transparent bottle

After your test:

If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 in the 14-day period after your test, please inform your test centre by email. This will enable us to fulfil the relevant notification or tracing requirements.

IELTS updates

The current situation for IELTS are:

  • Computer-delivered tests are running as scheduled.
  • Paper-based tests are running as scheduled.

We have re-designed our test layouts to ensure that test takers and staff maintain a one metre separation at all times. We have also adopted the important additional hygiene measures that have been advised by the government. Test takers should read the test taker special measures (in the expandable section below) and be fully prepared to comply.

Cambridge International Examinations updates

Cambridge Assessment International Education – May/June 2021 examinations:

  • Registration is open.

 For more details, please visit here 

Professional and other exams updates

The list below shows the status of our professional and other exams. Test takers should read the special test taker measures (see the next expandable section below) and be fully prepared to comply.

Please do not attend your exam if:

  • you are under a 14-day compulsory quarantine, stay-at-home order, medical surveillance or a self-quarantine order, as specified by Thailand Government
  • you have a high temperature, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms.

For general information on Covid-19 in respect to studying in the UK and UK qualifications please see: https://study-uk.britishcouncil.org/moving-uk/coronavirus

For more information or assistance, please contact our customer services team at examinations@britishcouncil.or.th